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Implemented projects

  • Rebuilding a SLATINA S 2500 U steam boiler to a fluidized bed boiler in Staré Město pod Sněžníkem, formerly Moravolen, Šumperk, Staré město pod Sněžníkem plant.

  • Rebuilding ČKD’s steam boiler, 8 tons/hour, to a coal fluidized bed combustion boiler, in Teplo Bruntál a.s.

  • Rebuilding ČKD’s three steam boiler units, 8 tons/hour, in Teplo Bruntál a.s.

  • Building a steam boiler with fluidized bed combustion in the company Vulkan a.s. Hrádek nad Nisou. Co-investor: German company MVV Energie AG, based in Mannheim.

  • Building two steam fluidized bed combustion boilers in Svojšice, Kolín distr., for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

  • Building two hot-water fluidized bed combustion boilers for the company Opatherm a.s., Opava. Investor: German company MVV Energie AG based in Mannheim.

  • Sub-delivery for waste gases cleaning for the hazardous waste incineration plant, Motol Hospital, Prague.

  • Building a high-pressure steam boiler, 12 tons/hour, steam 470 °C, to drive a condensing turbine. Investor: Kovohuty, a.s. Krompachy.

  • Design, delivery and comissioning of steam multi-fuel BFB boiler with output 24,7 tons/hour (19,3 MWt, steam temperature 420 ˚C, steam preassure 4 MPa) and efficiency 92,4% for driving condensing turbine with output 5,4 MWe. The boiler is constructed as a more fuel for burning biomass - straw and other herbaceous biomass (i.e.. fuels with low ash melting temperature point) as well as other fuels such as wood chips or various types of coal. This boiler is capable of burning two fuels from above simultaneously in the ratio of 100:0 % to 0:100 % in any ratio with time. Investor is MOSTEK energo s.r.o.

  • Recontruction of steam fluidized bed boiler with output 30 tons/hour (steam temperature 330°C, pressure 2,5 MPa) which is driving turbine in Litovelská cukrovárna, a.s. company. Burned fuel is coal. Boiler, originally supplied by a group of competitors, has not been able, since begining, to meet agreed performance parameters and was not able to even of continuous operation or automatic control. Investor Litovelská cukrovarna, a.s.  

Project designs and studies

  • Separated communal waste and sewage treatment plant sludge combustion for Villas Energie GmbH; investor: Saubermacher-Dienstleistung AG, Austria.

  • Use of maize stillage from bio ethanol production and rapeseed meals in energy generation in Enviral Leopoldov a.s.

  • Source of heat – a coal, lignite and biomass burning fluidized bed boiler for central heating in the town of Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Design for construction permit, technological part with a 5 MWt biomass burning fluidized bed boiler, “Heating source Rúbanisko II”, Dalkia Lučenec, a.s.

  • Design for construction permit, technological part, for a heating plant with a 5 MWt wood chip burning fluidized bed boiler to heat the town of Skalica, for SKAL & COS, s.r.o., Skalica, Slovakia.

  • Design for construction permit, technological part of an 17.6 MWt/4.8 MWe energy unit with
    a 17.6 MWt wood chip burning fluidized bed boiler, Košická energetická společnost a.s.

  • Complex reconstruction of a wrongly designed steam boiler from another manufacturer in Energy Snina, a.s., i.e. the preparation of the project design and product documentation and rebuilding of two chip burning fluidized bed combustion boilers, boilers with an output of 2 x 8 MWt, steam temperature 450 °C, and pressure 3.8 MPa. The boilers supplied originally did not meet the required parameters, especially efficiency, emissions, steam superheating temperature control, boiler control, and the operating reliability of the boiler.

  • Source of heat – a combined coal, lignite and biomass burning fluidized bed boiler for the production of process steam in the Celex paper mill, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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