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Specialista na fluidní spalování

Kovosta-fluid a.s.

fluidní kotel

The company Kovosta-fluid is a supplier of complex services in the area of power engineering and power and heating engineering. It specializes in the development, design, manufacture and subsequent supply of turnkey heating plants, incineration plants, power and heating plants, and power plants. Supplies are carried out including building, putting into operation, and subsequent guarantee but also post-guarantee services both for the building of new units and the rebuilding of existing sources.

Kovosta-fluid provides supplies of boiler units and complete energy units using the innovated fluidized bed combustion technology.

Fluidized bed boilers of our own design with outputs of up to 100 MWt allow for the combustion of various solid fuel types in one plant, each of them separately or even more fuel types at the same time, including biomass with a low ash melting temperature such as straw, cereals, rape or sunflower meals or bio-alcohol stillage.

Our day-to-day activities reflect more than 20 years of experience gained in practice and from our own development.


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