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Boiler fuels

Our fluidized bed combustion chamber design solution enables the combined combustion of coal, biomass and other alternative fuels with the possibility of burning 0 to 100 % of each of the fuels mentioned below and their mixtures with their mutual ratios from 0:100 % to 100:0 %.


  • Bituminous coal, brown coal, lignite (high-quality, low-quality, with a high calorific value, with a low calorific value, high-ash, and low-ash; energy mixtures; and rough dross), peat, and pet coke (solid residues after oil refinery)


  • Biomass from cutting and sawmill production such as chips (green chips and white chips), bark, shavings, sawdust, needles, or chips derived from fast-growing species

  • Biomass from agricultural production such as cereal straw, maize straw, rice straw, bran, husk, cereals (wheat and triticale), rape straw, maize stalks, poppies, hay, flax stalks, bullen, hemp, dock and sorrel (Rumex patientia × R. tianschanicus), hop-tree, eulalia, and the like

  • Biomass as by-products of industrial production – bio-alcohol stillage (DDGS), sunflower and rapeseed meals – the pressed products of bio-diesel production, sunflower meals – pressed products of sunflower oil production, brewer’s grains (alcohol industry grains), coconut shells, pressed coffee products – residues from coffee extraction


  • Urban vegetation waste such as hay, grass, leaves, offcuts from trees bushes and shrubs obtained by cutting and trimming, and compost for use in energy generation

  • Separated municipal waste and sewage treatment plant sludge

  • Meat and bone meal

Some fuels will need to be treated before burning properly. We supply fuel pre-treatment production lines for these purposes.

Authorized combustion tests

Kovosta-fluid has authorized combustion tests for a large part of these fuels; they support the practical feasibility of such combustion. The records of the authorized tests, including the authorized emission measurement, are stored at the registered office of the company.

What you cannot find at our competitors

Part of fuels, especially those made of herbal biomass and also by-products of industrial production (cereal straw, cereal waste products, bio-alcohol stillage, rapeseed meals, poppies, spent grain, coconut shells, by-products of oil production, and the like) contain substances which cause a low ash melting temperature. These fuels are not usually burnt as burning-in occurs (a glaze creates) on the grates and the heat exchange surfaces of the boiler when they are burnt.

Kovosta-fluid a.s. has an engineering solution which will allow you to burn these fuels effectively without burning-ins or stuck residues created during the combustion process. This solution is protected by industrial property rights in Europe, including Russia and the Ukraine, in the USA, and in Canada.

Boilers by boiler fuel

Depending on the required type of fuel to be burnt we supply these fluidized bed boilers:

  • Biomass burning fluidized bed boilers
  • Coal burning fluidized bed boilers
  • Industrial waste burning fluidized bed boilers
  • Separated municipal waste burning fluidized bed boilers
  • Combined fuels fluidized bed boilers (a mixture of the mentioned fuels in any ratio)

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