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Company profile

The company Kovosta-fluid, a.s is a Czech company with no foreign ownership interest, with its registered office in Brno and a branch in Hranice. The company was established by specialists with many years of experience in mechanical engineering production and power and heating engineering and commenced its activities in May 1996.

Since its creation, Kovosta-fluid has been focused on the provision of complex services, including project design, engineering and supply activities in the area of power engineering and power and heating engineering with specialization in fluidized bed combustion sources.

The unavailability of fluidized bed combustion technology for the small and mean output segment (up to 100 MWt), and the high investment demands of this technology, has been one impulse to create our own development programme aimed at making fluidized bed boilers available to the small and mean output segment.

In fact our own development results and the long-term effort of our specialists were present at the birth of the new, affordable fluidized bed boiler design solution which has made the fluidized bed combustion technology available to a wide range of customers in the area of small and mean outputs.

Many of the solutions used in the construction fluidized bed boilers and the methods of combustion are protected by industrial property rights.

The company Kovosta-fluid is a leading fluidized bed combustion technology supplier oriented to both the domestic and foreign markets.


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