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Benefits of fluidized bed combustion boilers

In the design solution of fluidized bed combustion boilers and their control process we have developed features especially the following properties:

  • The only technology which allows for flexible operation independent of one fuel type. It is possible to burn coal (both high-quality and low-quality), biomass (both wood and herbal) and other fuels in one boiler and in any ratio.

  • When viewing from outside, even when viewing the chimney, you cannot recognize whether this is a coal-burning boiler house or a natural gas boiler house. The boiler house (chimney) does not smoke and no waste gases can be seen, only vapour sometimes, just as in the case of gas boilers.

  • Fluidized bed boilers meet all emission limits given by the ecological standards of the EU. Waste gases are desulphurized directly in the fluidized bed during the combustion process.

  • A wide range of output control, within the range of 30 to 100 %.

  • The technology of burning more fuel types allows for the use of such fuels as are found the most in the given area or which are the most available or cheapest (these can be wood and herbal biomass, energy wastes, bituminous coal, brown coal (high-quality, low-quality, energy mixtures, rough dross, lignite, or peat) by which independence of imported fuels or one fuel type, or one supplier is achieved.

  • A special benefit is the ability to burn biomass with a low ash melting temperature which normally makes the combustion chamber, the boiler heating surface and the lining sticky. This is especially cereals, cereal straw, cereal waste products, bio-alcohol stillage, rapeseed meals, poppies, spent grain, coconut shells, by-products of oil production, and the like. Our method of combustion is protected by patents in the EU, Russia, the Ukraine, and Canada.

  • Our boilers can also burn separated municipal waste if all the applicable emission limits are met.

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